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One building, many stories

Rising High

Tom Schamp

In this two-metre-long colourful leporello, teeming with details and humour, we meet a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Little Red Riding Hood and a boy dressed up as a panther. We follow them on their voyage of discovery through a skyscraper and meet its remarkable residents.

The shop on the ground floor sells eye-catching headgear. Residing on the first floor is a lion who loves fast cars. Next up, we find a sailor with a mermaid in his bath tub. On the third floor, keeping a close eye on the time, a couple is playing chess. Above them, a gardener is watering his plants and trees. The fifth floor is taken up by a big, mysterious cat. And the next storey is home to book lovers: the girl is reading ‘Rising High’.

Extraordinary, colourful and imaginative. An exciting concept for readers who enjoy the unusual and the surreal.

During their journey, the girl fills her empty basket with ingredients she finds in the apartments while the boy leaves an envelope for each of the various residents. On the seventh floor we find out why: the girl and boy are organising a pancake party high up in the sky and everyone gets to join in the fun.

‘Rising High’ shows us the wondrous world of Tom Schamp. And this wordless concertina book can also be used as a measuring chart. It is an enchanting book/object that exudes imagination and joyfulness.

Wow, 2 metres’ worth of Tom Schamp! Marvel at these wordless pictures brimming with details and humour.