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It’s a dog’s life

Shut That Door

Koen Van Biesen

Two dogs are sitting quietly in Brasserie Bulldog. The Great Dane, neatly turned out in a tie and bowler hat, is reading the newspaper. The French bulldog is busy working on his laptop, paying little heed to his surroundings. Bad weather is forecast and it’s not long before the wind starts to cause chaos in their corner of the brasserie. After the wind comes the rain, and then a whole procession of other dogs who each in their own way get on the Great Dane’s nerves. For goodness sake, who left that door open?

Hilarious and brilliant

The situation slowly but surely gets out of hand until the Great Dane is on the verge of despair - which is great fun for the reader. The French bulldog’s refusal to be ruffled and the unabashed curiosity of the other dogs make a further contribution to the humour. ‘Shut That Door’ playfully breaks through the fourth wall, eventually involving the reader directly. With his own unique collage style, Koen Van Biesen presents a lively new story full of details that catch the eye only after several readings

A highly amusing story with hilarious drawings in which every detail matters
The humour is complex and multi-layered ****
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