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A fable about life and death

Somersault Day

An Candaele & Anne Provoost

Zsofi jumps off a star and falls down to earth, little suitcase in hand. This is her Somersault Day. A woman climbs out of Zsofi’s suitcase, picks her up and holds her tight. Introducing herself as the woman of her life, she gives the child milk to drink. The woman also has a suitcase, out of which she pulls all the necessary equipment to put up a tent. Hitching a ride in her suitcase is a man, who in turn carries a suitcase as well. And not only does it contain a horse with a long flaxen tail, it also holds a woman: Kej, the man’s mother.

‘Somersault Day’ is imaginative from beginning to end.
De Standaard

Kej is old and sick and tells Zsofi that her Somersault Day is approaching. She has travelled along to say goodbye. She is quite serene as she prepares for her departure and sets off for the end of the world without her suitcase. Zsofi savours the woman’s scent, which lingers in the empty suitcase.

‘Somersault Day’ is a gripping story about life, love, death and saying goodbye. An Candaele’s moving illustrations reflect the vulnerability of little Zsofi. Simple yet intimate, they are a perfect complement to Anne Provoost’s exuberant and philosophical text.

A fine symbiosis of text and image
De Morgen