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A philosophy of musical experience


Tomas Serrien

Music is able to move people, to ease their pain, or simply to make them want to dance. But what do we experience exactly listening to Chopin, Pink Floyd or Bob Dylan? Which features characterize our musical experience?

An animated philosophical view on the diversity of musical experience
Joke J. Hermsen, philosopher and writer

In this book Tomas Serrien investigates the ways we experience music and sound. Although music is meant to  be listened to in the first place, the author explains why thinking and writing about music can be very meaningful. Developing a method to bring this difficult task to a good end, Serrien takes the reader along a musical exploration full of surprising thoughts. Do we pay enough attention when listening to music? What is the difference between music and sound? How do deaf people experience music? Which role emotions play when listening to music? Can music save lives?

An original and valuable contribution to the growing library of music philosophy
Albert van der Schoot, professor Philosophy of Music

Looking for the value of music the author discovers much unanswered questions which are more important to human kind than expected. This book comes with different playlists that illustrate and enhance the argumentative power of the text. Published at the end of 2017, this book already is in its fourth print run and nominated for a reader’s prize.