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Humorous adventures of a child heroine

Suzy Doozy

Benjamin Leroy & Jaap Robben

Suzy Doozy is a headstrong girl with boundless energy and imagination. In a series devoted to her adventures, she more than lives up to her impish name.

In ‘Suzy Doozy and the Scissors’, Suzy finds an insatiable pair of scissors that craves girls’ hair. And before you know it, it has cut everything in its path. Everything and everyone, in the house and outside, has been touched – even her faithful little friend Dog.

In ‘Suzy Doozy and the Smelly Finger’, blindfolded Dog has to guess the smell on Suzy’s smelly finger. A whole series of foul-smelling objects occur to him, but he’s unable to unlock the mystery of the smelly finger.

Exceeds your wildest expectations

In ‘Suzy Doozy in the Deep End’, Suzy and Dog explore the deep end of the swimming pool for the first time. She unleashes total chaos and is sent straight back to the wading pool. But that’s discounting Suzy’s resourcefulness…

In ‘Suzy Takes Up Drawing’, Suzy throws herself headlong into her new hobby. Dog has to pose for her for hours on end. And as we have come to expect from her, it does not take long before her drawing gets out of control.

Benjamin Leroy’s whirling illustrations are closely linked to Jaap Robben’s text in this series. The duo write and illustrate with a lot of empathy and love for the recalcitrant heroine. Despite Suzy’s pranks, the reader feels nothing but sympathy for this disarming little character with her huge, expressive eyes.

Robben & Leroy again excel in delightful, humorous stories. ****
Cutting Edge
Leroy has had the time of his life, and thus so do we. Robben’s efficient text goes all out too.
De Morgen
Cover Suzy Doozy and the Smelly Finger, Suzy Doozy in the Deep End & Suzy Takes Up Drawing
Cover Suzy Doozy and the Smelly Finger, Suzy Doozy in the Deep End & Suzy Takes Up Drawing