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The fascinating world of the most successful creatures on earth

The Amazing Book of Insects

Bart Rossel & Medy Oberendorff

Insects are the champions in just about everything. They are the strongest, most useful, most troublesome and most successful creatures on earth. This book submerges you in their fascinating world and lets you discover insects in all shapes and forms. In six chapters, you learn more about their strange family lives, their nasty tricks, their favourite places to live, their knowledge of prime numbers and their talent for light shows. You discover why the glow-worm glows, how the bombardier beetle got its name and in what way a caterpillar can disguise itself. The ant alarm, the gruesome deeds of the jewel wasp and the mathematical cicada are also dealt with.

Playful and accessible
Eindhovens Dagblad

The short, informative texts often read like short stories, and the author also uses the required humour. The classic, often page-sized colour prints draw you into the insect world. All of the details are visible and so realistic that they can sometimes come across as a little alarming. An exceptional ode to the ultimate boss on earth, who will mesmerize young and old.

An enormous wealth of information and extremely detailed prints
Jaap Leest
This book is so well-designed that you will fall in love with insects in no time.