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A can’t-miss pair for children learning to read

The Big Book of Fox and Hare

Sylvia Vanden Heede & Thé Tjong-Khing

Fox and Hare live together in the wood, next door to Owl. They love each other and they tease each other and, as befits an inseparable duo, they’re complete opposites. Together, they have little, everyday adventures.

Impressive in its simplicity
De Leeswelp

In the first chapters of ‘The Big Book of Fox and Hare’, Sylvia Vanden Heede uses short and easy words, which the youngest readers can read for themselves. In spite of this simplicity, Vanden Heede succeeds in creating unforgettable characters in a fresh and funny style. The story’s so much fun that the readers barely notice the words and sentences are getting longer and longer. Thé Tjong-Khing’s sparkling colour illustrations add to the humour. ‘The Big Book of Fox and Hare’ is a collection of the first three ‘Fox and Hare’ books. There are now more than twenty books in the series. With translations in nearly fifteen countries, the happy twosome are well on their way to becoming a classic couple.

Fox and Hare are the cream of the crop of books for children learning to read.
'Those little stories recreate the way children behave so well'
Bo Jing, editor at Beijing Yuanliu Classic Culture

'We were introduced to 'Fox and Hare' at the Bologna Book Fair and were immediately sold. Thé Tjong-Khing’s illustrations are so cute and appealing that they drew us in. And when we got to read Sylvia Vanden Heede’s stories, they were so interesting and funny that our editors just had to laugh. Those little stories recreate the way children behave so well. The author is very good at observing: how do children learn new things? How do they make friends? How do they react when they lose something they love, and how do they calm down again? How do they deal with fights between friends?

Sylvia Vanden Heede can capture nature, imagination and the way children sometimes express themselves in a poetic way in daily life like no other. Her warm and humorous stories do not only appeal to children though: adults will enjoy them too. When we published the books, it was such a pleasure to see the children be able to read the simple words and short sentences themselves. And they just loved the stories. Whenever they read the books, they always laughed.