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A look-and-learn book packed full of colourful wheels

The Biggest and Cheeriest Book of All Vehicles

Tom Schamp

In this unusual and colourful look-and-learn book, Tom Schamp takes us on a journey through the centuries. Along with Otto we are given a cheery history lesson, from the invention of the wheel to the car of tomorrow. Schamp’s Encyclopaedia Ottomecanica treats us to everything that has or once had wheels, from the Trojan horse to the Harley Davidson, from the stagecoach and the steam train to the Vespa, from the skateboard to the Honda Civic. We ponder emergency services that look different in each country, discover buses of every imaginable dimension and weight, and can choose on which racing bike we’d like to win a classic race.

We seldom see so much humour, beauty and linguistic creativity.
Cutting Edge, on ‘Show and Tell Me the World’

‘The Biggest and Cheeriest Book of All Vehicles’ carries the unmistakable stamp of Tom Schamp. You’ll never tire of looking at the packed pages with their vibrant colours. The illustrations could not be more accessible for young children, but at the same time they are full of knowing winks and surprising visual jokes that invite readers of all ages to pick up the book again, re-examine it and think up new stories. A book that fills both children and the adults reading to them with joy.