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A dazzling, delirious dream in riotous colour

The City of Belgium

Brecht Evens

Jona is moving to Berlin in the morning, to join his wife. He wants to have one last night on the town and soon bumps into an old mate. Victoria is spending the evening with her sister and two friends. They treat her as if she’s made of porcelain, when all she wants to do is party like there’s no tomorrow. And then there is the Baron, who prefers to be known as Rodolphe these days. His life used to be one long string of parties, but now he’s in a deep depression. Until he accidentally consumes drugs again and both the night and his life explode in a magical, manic trip.

Both the brilliance and the psychological downside of nightlife captured in one sumptuous book. The best Brecht Evens, with truly dazzling pages
Knack Focus

‘The City of Belgium’ is set in the same nocturnal universe as Evens’ big breakthrough The Wrong Place, but the aftertaste is so much nastier. In a riot of colour and impressions, Evens shows himself to be both a master of his uniquely fantastic style and at capturing the mental darkness that masquerades as light-hearted. Dazzling spreads in which Evens plays with perspective, transparency and time alternate with dialogue that underlines his great observational skills. Together with the characters, the reader balances on the edge of wondrous dream and inescapable nightmare.

Evens builds up his pictures with an extraordinary inventiveness, with wonderful daring and an impressive palette of colours
Livres Hebdo
Reading Brecht Evens is a sensory experience. The colours explode on every page
Book trailer 'The City of Belgium'