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Thrilling account of a spectacular knock-out race

The Fantastic Flying Competition

Sebastiaan Van Doninck & Tjibbe Veldkamp

Ten teams line up at the start of the Flying Competition for Birds. They’re all bursting to win, except that Team Owl has overslept yet again. During the race, the competitors find themselves in difficulties one by one. Team Flamingo never gets off the ground, Team Hawk leaves its plane by ejector seat and Team Ostrich-Penguin crashes. It’s a real knock-out race, with only Team Chicken apparently spared. Or are the chickens not completely playing fair, determined as they are to go home with the cup? Their sabotage is quickly discovered, and they’re blocked by the other teams just short of the finish. No winner this year then. Or has another formidable competitor been overlooked?

You will never tire of looking at these drawings
NRC Handelsblad

In thirteen large, detailed landscapes with more than 300 birds, outlandish aircraft and high-spirited supporter chicks with little flags, illustrator Sebastiaan Van Doninck takes the reader along for a thrilling contest full of humorous details. In the bright watercolours we discover the real story of the race.

One of the most memorable picture books of the year
Van Doninck’s watercolours make this a dream of a picture book.
De Morgen