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Sound political analysis on a global scale

The History of the World of Tomorrow

Rik Coolsaet

These turbulent times represent an enormous challenge to all of us, the world over. New questions that lack clear answers are making many people feel insecure. But fear is a poor counsellor.

Rik Coolsaet is convinced that the world is far easier to interpret than we generally think. He claims that the global forces now at work are the same as those of earlier times. In this book he investigates forgotten historical events with the aim of bringing more clarity to the world as it is today and as it may be tomorrow.

The clear prose offers a broad readership a reassuring perspective on a confusing time.
De Standaard

The result is an enlightening story, furnished with facts and figures, in which the most important global problems are connected with each other and with history, from migration, terrorism and fundamentalism to social in­equality and climate change. This is sound political analysis on a global scale, presenting a vision of the world in 2008 that has lost none of its relevance since.