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A friend you can count on

The Kind Crocodile

Leo Timmers

One day, Crocodile decides to leave his pond and to head into the big wide world. That’s when he realises that quite a few of his friends are in trouble. The mouse is being chased by a snake, the boar is seeking a safe haven to escape the hyena and the antelope is running for his life to get away from the cheetah. Luckily, they all find a place on the kind croc’s long back. With his huge mouth full of sharp teeth, he growls and keeps enemies at bay. Anyone hunting his friends is taught a lesson. GRRRR! But after a while, it all becomes a bit much with that many different animals on his back. When the frightened rhinoceros also seeks refuge on the crocodile’s back, the kind hero buckles under the weight of all his friends. Who is going to chase away the hungry lion now?

The strong plot, compact text and captivating illustrations make ‘The Kind Crocodile’ another Timmers hit.

‘The Kind Crocodile’ is a light-hearted and funny cumulative tale about the unexpected power of teamwork. The strength of this board book lies in its simplicity, while its extraordinary colour palette, surprising plot twist and subtle humour are sure to appeal to readers of all ages. From tiny tots to their (grand) parents: everybody will take this kind crocodile to their hearts.

Hallucinatory, detailed pictures as well as a fun writing style. All Timmers's books are a joy to read and look at together.
De Volkskrant
One of our most important picture book makers
De Morgen
Look inside 'The Kind Crocodile'