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A superb chronicle of our time

The Power of Paradise

Jonathan Holslag

We, as Europeans, feel as if the future passes right by us. The crisis rages over our continent like a storm and dismantles all our certainties. Are the fundaments of Europe crumbling? And do we actually understand what is going on? One thing is obvious, the twenty-first century will be an Asian century.

Provocative and elegant, visionary and stylish. This European dares to tell the hard truths.
Chief Geopolitical Analyst for Stratfor

Yet, there is no reason to assume that Asia’s rise will be fundamentally different from Europe’s nasty and turbulent past. In The Power of Paradise, Jonathan Holslag overwhelmingly describes the post-War economic, societal and cultural history of Europe. It is an epic story about our urge for prosperity and the way in which we’ve lost track.

Holslag is a superb chronicler of his time. He enriches his sharp and disturbing analysis of our economically failing continent with the prospect of a new renaissance – if we succeed in turning things around. Deep inside Europe still lurks the power of paradise.