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An anti-hero who saves the day


Benjamin Leroy & Jaap Robben

Tinkleman may be a super-hero who keeps the city safe, together with the other super-heroes, and who trains every day in the gym, but he doesn’t feel like a real hero. His extraordinary gift – which involves being able to fill an entire swimming pool with pee, and to pee in a nice straight stream without any splashes – is not often called upon.

Unpretentious and comical
Jaap Leest

When Bear calls the super-hero gym in a panic because the Abominable Snowman is destroying the city, Tinkleman knows what he has to do: find a real super-hero as fast as he can. But Superman has a fever, Spiderman’s mother has just begun repairing his suit and Mega Cindy first has to finish her plate. Tinkleman gathers all his courage together to stop the monster himself, and his super power unexpectedly proves its usefulness.

Benjamin Leroy and Jaap Robben together created this new anti-hero who is the star in a story full of winks about peeing accidents and famous super-heroes. Leroy employs humour and excitement with subtle touches in his dynamic illustrations, while Robben’s text is smoothly driven along here and there with a well-placed rhyme.

This duo invariably persuades with original and humorous stories
Cutting Edge