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Philosophical animal fables

Tomorrow's Party

Ingrid Godon & Toon Tellegen

Toon Tellegen returns to his beloved animals in the forest of Squirrel, Ant and the other creatures. He follows their lives for a whole year to the rhythm of the seasons. In winter everybody hopes spring will arrive soon. Squirrel is counting down to his final beechnut, Elephant would like to push winter away, while Owl is writing a letter… Nothing seems to help. Until suddenly spring arrives and everybody starts visiting everybody else. In summer all the animals are so busy going on holiday it’s actually quite tiring. Luckily, autumn arrives and with it a big feast. It’s a huge hit – let’s bring winter on again.

Literature of wonderment. For children. And for those few adults who are still capable of wonder.
De Groene Amsterdammer

Toon Tellegen has written 28 new philosophical animal fables in ‘Tomorrow’s Party’. While the book does not teach any specific life lessons, it does provide food for thought. Tellegen lets the animals ask absurd life questions that could easily have come from children’s mouths. His poetic words are complemented by Ingrid Godon’s illustrations. She brings his world to life by giving each animal a very distinctive yet plausible identity.

An inimitable game of language and sound. The words and pictures complement each other perfectly
De Morgen