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Graphic novel about a self-absorbed daydreamer

Waiting for an Island

Marc Legendre

For thirty years, Adan Diss has been waiting for San Borondón, a mythical island that appears on the horizon every once in a while. He used to have his whole life ahead of him. He could have been a butcher or a doctor, but he chose to become nothing. He believes patience is all he needs to find happiness.

Diss, portrayed throughout with sunken eyes, has the courage to steer his own course through life. Yet at the same time he doesn’t understand that life is slipping through his fingers as he waits for this unattainable paradise. However, before the Waiting for Godot-style surrealism gets the upper hand, the waiting man becomes a media phenomenon. Other people start to imitate him and to dream his dream. But Diss does not want to share his future with anyone.

This is not simply a comic book for adults – it is literature.
De Standaard

The author makes clever use of Photoshop and demonstrates his ability to create believable characters, however bizarre they might be. He plays with shape and colour and, more than ever before, searches for effects in the artistic reproduction of his reality. Combined with the subsequent introduction of clear lines, this results in a vivid, compelling and heartrendingly beautiful story.

Heavy, but also with an emotional tension rarely seen in comic books.
Gazet van Antwerpen
There are few graphic novels that so obviously deserve the label of “grown up”.
NRC Handelsblad