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Three knights on a hilarious nocturnal adventure

Where is the Dragon?

Leo Timmers

The king has seen a dragon and is afraid to go to bed before his three bravest knights have slain it. But where does the dragon hide in the dark? The three knights are undaunted, convinced they will soon find him. But it is not as easy as they had thought.

A lilting Seussian singsong, with wonderful, surprising rhymes
Kirkus Reviews

For the first time in years, Leo Timmers returns to human figures, and it proves a hit with this delightfully funny book. We follow the three knights, the first of whom carries a candle in the blue-black night. Like them, we only get to see what’s really lurking in the darkness when the candle is brought close enough. The other two knights always remain in the dark, where they trip, fall into a well, or meet with other misfortunes.

The details in ‘Where is the Dragon?’ are priceless, as is the conclusion, when the reader knows more than the knights. It goes without saying that there are plenty of animals here, which, arranged in a funny way, form the silhouette of a dragon. A great adventure in saturated colour.

Typical Timmers slapstick, with plenty of quirkiness, optical illusions and eye for detail
Superb picture book pleasure