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On feminism and the theory of evolution

Women for Darwin

Griet Vandermassen

Feminists have never been very keen on the theory of evolution. Many are actively resistant to a biologically informed view of the sexes. Nonetheless, science has provided overwhelming evidence to support the assertion that many psychological differences between the sexes are not solely the product of upbringing and the cultural environment. Instead they are in part a predictable consequence of millions of years of evolution by natural and sexual selection.

A sorely needed study of great social importance.
De Reactor

In this book philosopher Griet Vandermassen appeals for a new kind of feminism. She takes account of sex differences to gain a better insight into the gender gap in the jobs market, the causes of sexual violence and the development of patriarchal societies. Sexism and the rejection of it are after all based on moral principles, not on the conviction that men and women are completely identical. This well-written book draws upon the most recent scientific developments as support for its plea to us to rethink our concept of feminism.

A radical re-examination of sacred feminist cows.