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Why Feminism Should Embrace the Evolutionary Sciences

Women for Darwin

Griet Vandermassen

Feminists have never been fond of biology. Many even actively resist a biologically informed view of the sexes. The scientific evidence is overwhelming, however, that many psychological differences between the sexes are not just due to our upbringing and social environment. They are a predictable consequence of millions of years of evolution by natural and sexual selection.

A sorely needed study of great social importance.
De Reactor

In this book philosopher Griet Vandermassen makes the case for a new kind of feminism. She argues that we need to take evolved gender differences into account if we want to better understand issues like the gender gap on the labour market, the causes of sexual violence or the emergence of patriarchal societies. Our rejection of sexism is, after all, based on moral principles, not on the proposition that men and women are identical. This well-written book draws upon the most recent scientific developments in its plea to rethink our concept of feminism.

A radical re-examination of sacred feminist cows.