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100+ authors, 4 days: Passa Porta Festival Brussels

From 28 to 31 March, Brussels is once more the place to be for book lovers. The bi-annual Passa Porta Festival is a true celebration of literature and offers a diverse four-day programme. More than 100 authors and artists from Belgium and abroad meet their readers over the course of a busy weekend in the heart of the capital. 

Passa Porta Festival 2019

Current affairs is one of the central themes of the festival and many parts of the programme revolve around the Brexit, migration, diversity, feminism and urbanisation. The other central theme is the reader. The reader and the author are inextricably linked together, and that’s why the reader gets to be in the spotlights during the festival as well. And of course there will also be authors from Flanders present: Lize Spit and Jeroen Olyslaegers will read from the manuscripts of their new, as yet unpublished novels. Rachida Lamrabet will talk about her life as a writer and a reader, while Charlotte Van den Broeck explores how and why she became a poet. Brecht Evens will be interviewed about his graphic novels and you can see Bart Moeyaert on stage in a musical performance based on his novel Brothers. These are just a few names from the extensive and varied programme; there’s a lot more to discover!

The festival is organised by Passa Porta, a partner organisation of Flanders Literature.