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Lize Spit visits the Translators’ House

Dutch-French literary translator Emmanuelle Tardif had writer Lize Spit and fellow translator Philippe Noble round for coffee last week at the Translators’ House in Antwerp.

Philippe Noble, Emmanuelle Tardif and Lize Spit

The French translation of The Melting (Het smelt), Lize Spit’s successful debut, is being published in 2018 by Actes Sud, in the ‘Lettres néerlandaises’ series, which is curated by Philippe Noble. Emmanuelle Tardif, who is translating this book, made good use of her time at the Translators’ House in the first half of May by arranging a meeting with both Lize Spit and Philippe Noble.

Philippe Noble: “Lize Spit turned out to be extremely likable and also very much involved with the translation of her work into French. As I am mentoring Emmanuelle Tardif during her translation, her stay at the Translators’ House was an obvious opportunity for us to spend a day working together. It was very fortunate that we could combine it with a visit from the author.”

Photo © Julia Telezhko

May 9th, 2017