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'The City of Belgium' by Brecht Evens wins Prix Spécial du Jury in Angoulême

Brecht Evens’ latest graphic novel The City of Belgium was awarded with the Fauve d’Angoulême: Prix Spécial du Jury at the Angoulême International Comic Book Festival, a prize awarded to a book to which the jury particularly wishes to draw the public's attention. From a list of 45 graphic novels and comic books the jury chose the winners of the four biggest prizes of the festival. Evens was the only author from Flanders included in the selection.

The City of Belgium - Official Selection Angoulême 2019

It’s not the first time Brecht Evens is put in the spotlight in Angoulême. In 2011 he won the 'Prix de l'audace' for his big breakthrough The Wrong Place and in 2015 he was on the shortlist with Panther. His newest creation, ‘The City of Belgium’, is set in the same nocturnal universe as ‘The Wrong Place’, but the aftertaste is so much nastier. In a riot of colour and impressions, Evens shows himself to be both a master of his uniquely fantastic style and at capturing the mental darkness that masquerades as light-hearted.

Jan 24th, 2019