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Andreas Ecke

Andreas Ecke (b. 1957), a former bookseller, studied Dutch philology, musicology and German Studies in Bonn and Cologne. He translates Dutch authors including Gerbrand Bakker, Anne-Gine Goemans, Saskia Goldschmidt, Otto de Kat, Ernest van der Kwast, Bert Wagendorp and Henk van Woerden. He has also translated nonfiction, particularly historical and cultural-historical subjects, including a Beethoven biography by the Flemish musician and musicologist Jan Caeyers, a history of the Boer War by the Dutch historian Martin Bossenbroek and – with Gregor Seferens – Geert Mak’s history books.

In 2011, Ecke was awarded the Else Otten Prize for his translation of Gerbrand Bakker’s 'The Twin' (Boven is het stil). In 2016 he received the Europäischer Übersetzerpreis Offenburg for his entire oeuvre.