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Annette Wunschel

Annette Wunschel (b. 1961) has been translating historical works for quite some time now, and with increasing regularity since 2003. Her first translation was ‘Über Hermaphrodismus. Der Fall Barbin’ by Michel Foucault, which was published by Suhrkamp in 1998. Since 2009 she has been working on a more extensive project since 2009: the translation of Johan Huizinga’s work. She has also translated books by Roger Van de Velde, Basuki Gunawan, Piet van Os, Rene Daalder / Rem Koolhaas, Ambroise Vollard, Loes den Hollander, Helga Deen and Saskia Noort
Wunschel received the Else Otten Vertalersprijs 2016 for her translation of Huizinga’s 'Kultur- und Zeitkritische Schriften'.

Photo © Studio Charlottenburg