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Isabel Hessel

Isabel Hessel (b. 1973) studied German and Dutch literature and Education in Würzburg, Antwerp and Cologne. She worked as a student-assistant at the University of Cologne and did a practice at Tourism Flanders Brussels in Cologne. After she moved to Antwerp, she worked in an advertisement-company and a cultural center of the city of Antwerp.

She translated several Flemish authors into German: Diane Broeckhoven (bestseller in Germany), Saskia De Coster, Griet Op de Beeck (bestseller in Flanders & The Netherlands) and Jeroen Olyslaegers. Isabel Hessel is part of the translator’s collective at Passa Porta (Brussels), where she translates the work of the National Poets into German.

Besides that, she is part of the board of the Flemish authors-association VAV, delegate for CEATL, part of the committee, that organizes the translators-days in Amsterdam and in the ELV.