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Judith Wilkinson

Judith Wilkinson (b. 1959) is a British poet and translator, living in Groningen, the Netherlands. She translates exclusively from Dutch into English. In recent years she has translated work by many Dutch and Flemish poets.

Book-length collections of her translations include ‘Instead of Silence’, a selection of poems by Miriam Van hee, and ‘About Love and About Nothing Else’, ‘A Man and an Angel’ and ‘Raptors’ by Toon Tellegen.

Two collections of her own poetry, ‘Tightrope Dancer’ and ‘Canyon Journey’, have been published by Shoestring Press. Her work has also been widely published in journals. In addition Wilkinson has translated song lyrics for Nynke Laverman (albums: Wachter/Guardian and Alter). Judith has won many awards for her work, including the Popescu Prize for European poetry in translation and the Brockway Prize.