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Naja Møllmann-Ibsen

Naja Møllmann-Ibsen (b. 1963) graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a bachelor’s degree in Dutch and a master’s in psycholinguistics. Thereafter she taught Dutch and Danish at university, at night school and for companies. Her work as a freelance corrector includes subtitling at the Danish television station DR and the yearbook for the M/S Søfartsmuseet (Maritime Museum of Denmark).

A literary translator since 2003, she has translated the following titles:


  • 'Spanish Fire' by Wouter van Mastricht

  • 'Game' by Stephan Enter

  • 'The Book of Laughter and Death' by Pieter Webeling

  • 'Sleep!' and 'Saving Fish' by Annelies Verbeke

  • ‘Love Life’ by Kluun


  • ‘Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older’ by Douwe Draaisma

Children's and youth literature:

Graphic novels: