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Stefan Wieczorek

Stefan Wieczorek (b. 1971) is a translator, academic and presenter. He lives in Aachen, in an area bordering Belgium and the Netherlands. He studied German language and literature, general and comparative literature and sociology. After graduating, Wieczorek worked as a lecturer and researcher at RWTH Aachen University and Utrecht University.

In 2016, together with co-editors including Christoph Wenzel, Wieczorek put together the bilingual poetry collection ‘Polderpoesie. Junge Lyrik aus Flandern und den Niederlanden’. He wrote essays on fiction and poetry for Flanders’ and the Netherlands’ promotional activities as joint Guest of Honour at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair. During the literary festival lit.COLOGNE, Stefan Wieczorek presented the opening of the year-long focus on Flanders and the Netherlands as guest of honour together with Connie Palmen and Saskia de Coster. At the book fair in Frankfurt he took part in programmes including ‘Gläserner Übersetzer’ and ‘Translation Slam’.

Recent translations into German by Wieczorek include books by Peter Verhelst, Frans Budé, Maarten Inghels/F. Starik, Andy Fierens and Rodaan Al Galidi.