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Proof of love

A Sea of Love

Pieter Gaudesaboos

Penguin crosses the ocean to the house of his friend Bear. He wants to tell him a big secret, so big that it will change everything: he’s in love with Bear. But Bear doesn’t really understand what love is, nor does he seem to feel it. Penguin decides to spend the summer with Bear in the hope that his feelings will pass. Together they have the time of their lives. Then Penguin decides to go home. Along with Penguin, all the pleasure and warmth disappears from Bear’s home and he feels lonely for the first time. Without any hesitation he swims after Penguin. This must surely be love.

A sea of beauty. It’s difficult to imagine a more beautiful plea for love.
De Standaard

The delightful illustrations express great tenderness. The cinematic presentation makes the emotions tangible and creates a firm connection between the two main characters. Even the most hard-hearted of readers will be captivated by this love story for its humour and the playful, exceptional use of colour. ‘A Sea of Love’ shows that love is love, no matter who you are.

Incredibly beautiful. This is bound to become a classic, no doubt about it.
A gorgeous book about (the discovery of) love, quite possibly Gaudesaboos’ best yet.