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Bear’s imagination runs wild

Bear's Glasses

Leo Timmers

Bear can’t find his red glasses anywhere, and without them he can’t see properly. He goes to visit Giraffe, because he thinks he left them there. On the way, to his astonishment, Bear sees all kinds of animals that were never there before: a red deer, a crocodile, an elephant and a flamingo. And then he thinks he can see a snake, too, but it turns out to be his friend Giraffe. So it seems he really does need his glasses! Fortunately, Giraffe finds them (they were on Bear’s head all along).

Bear tells Giraffe about all the extraordinary animals he’s just seen. Giraffe is fascinated, and they set off together to retrace the route. But with his glasses on, Bear can no longer find the deer, the crocodile, the elephant and the flamingo. Might his glasses be broken? When he takes them off for a moment, he suddenly sees three lions. Or does he?

Another gorgeous Timmers spectacle, full of captivating details.
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‘Bear’s Glasses’ is Leo Timmers through and through: playful, brightly coloured, funny and with a heartwarming central character to fall in love with. In this animal story the absent-minded and enthusiastic Bear forms a delightful duo with the sensible Giraffe, whose facial expressions speak volumes when Bear makes amusing mistakes. An exceptional ode to the power of the imagination and a story that will seem thoroughly familiar to anyone who wears glasses.

Hallucinatory, detailed pictures as well as a fun writing style. All Timmers's books are a joy to read and look at together.
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