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A wordless adventure full of surprises

Daan Quichot


Daan and his ginger cat Panza are best mates and love going on adventures. When Daan comes home to find a note from his granddad, asking if he can gather the ingredients for that evening’s spaghetti, they head out. Undaunted, they climb a long ladder to the moon to shave off some cheese, cut off the stubble from a grisly mountain with a face to get the pasta and harvest pepper from a pepper tree.

Sublime until the very end. An amazing bubble of tenderness in the shape of a daydream
Ouest France

This terrific adventure is chockful of exuberant fantasy and fun ideas. Stedho’s narrative is fast-paced, which is further underscored by his lively drawing style. The colours, on the other hand, are pretty mellow, with lots of earthy tones and blue-grey for the sky. That calm colour palette is an excellent foil to the dynamism and action elsewhere. Through changing compositions and a clever use of perspective, Stedho proves that he doesn’t need words to tell his story. Daan, Panza and granddad Pier promptly conquer a place in the hearts of readers, be they children or adults.

A touching and hugely imaginative story that catapults us back to our childhood, that time when anything was possible
Que tal Paris?
Pure emotion evoked by a succession of drawings. A gem
Veto Stript