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  • Cover 'Sunday'
    Cover 'Sunday'
    Brilliant. An already great artist reaching even greater heights
    The Comics Journal

    ‘Sunday’ follows a man from morning till midnight. For 472 pages, we follow every single one of his banal, uninteresting, sometimes embarrassing and frequently irritating thoughts. From this seemingly dull and unlikely premise, Olivier Schrauwen manages to distil a brilliant graphic novel.

  • Cover 'The Quest 1'
    Cover 'The Quest 1'

    The Pellinors have been hunting the Beast for a thousand years - to no avail. Reluctantly, their descendant Pelli decides to accept the quest of his forefathers. With its colourful, dynamic drawings and wondrous events, ‘The Quest’ is bound to appeal to young and old alike.

  • Cover 'Witch Child'
    Cover 'Witch Child'
    Witch Child
    One of the greatest artistic talents of the world of Flemish graphic novels

    Jean is not only the son of a witch, he’s the grandson of a witch, the brother of a witch and the cousin of a whole host of witches. But he can’t cast spells. When a magic-drinker attacks his family, turning the witches one by one into lifeless dolls, it’s up to Jean and his sister to try to save them. ‘Witch Child’ is an utterly thrilling adventure. With humour and verve, Stedho and Max L’Hermenier create a world that is both realistic and magical.

  • Cover 'The Magnificent Monet'
    Cover 'The Magnificent Monet'
    The Magnificent Monet
    One of the best humorous artists in the country
    De Standaard

    In this first part of a forthcoming trilogy, Luc Cromheecke draws part of the life story of the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet as it has never been seen before. Without words but with plenty of humour, Cromheecke gives a unique interpretation to events.

  • Cover 'The Confessions of Dragon Dragon'
    Cover 'The Confessions of Dragon Dragon'
    The Confessions of Dragon Dragon
    Pure, unadulterated fun
    9e Kunst

    1792. Pierre-Marie Dragon is a mounted infantryman in the French revolutionary army. With this character, Juncker and Spruyt lift the anti-hero to an entirely new level. Oversexed, arrogant and gutless yet full of himself, Dragon Dragon is the undisputed star of this grotesque, picaresque narrative. 

  • Cover 'Idulfania'
    Cover 'Idulfania'
    Extremely funny, sometimes touching and of course exceptionally well-drawn.
    9e kunst

    Brecht Evens brilliantly subverts the conventions of the fairy-tale and fantasy genres in ‘Idulfania’. Populated by trolls, giants, kings, witches and dwarves, Idulfania is a land where high hopes tend to be quickly and painfully dashed. Dark humour at its best.

  • Cover 'Shady'
    Cover 'Shady'
    Shady is evocative and hilarious
    The Hundreds

    Shady has just one goal in life: to get attention. That’s the same, after all, as love and recognition. Both narcissistic and subject to crippling insecurity, he lives a life full of drama. ‘Shady’ is a merciless examination of our cultural and human depravities, and a real feast for the eye.

  • Cover 'Assholes'
    Cover 'Assholes'
    Shameless locker-room banter, portrayed with impressive visual style
    Cutting Edge

    Simon Kennedy and Chuck Atkins are well-known TV presenters. In the course of an 18-hole round of golf, we get to know them as sexist, racist jocks who are utterly repellent in every way. Bram Algoed’s minimalist illustrations pare this portrait of toxic masculinity down to the essence. ‘Assholes’ is outrageous, repulsive, disturbing and downright hilarious.

  • Cover 'Daan Quichot'
    Cover 'Daan Quichot'

    In this terrific adventure chockful of exuberant fantasy and fun ideas, Daan and his ginger cat Panza are gathering the ingredients for that evening’s spaghetti. Stedho proves that this graphic novel doesn’t need words to tell its story. Daan, Panza and granddad Pier promptly conquer a place in the hearts of readers, be they children or adults.

  • Cover 'Bouvaert'
    Cover 'Bouvaert'
    An album worthy of the greatest Flemish painters
    Page des librairies

    Jan Bouvaert is a man with ambition and a painter trained in Italy. On his return to Antwerp, he and his wife build up both his business and his reputation. Spruyt uses baroque images to create a fictitious biography that also pokes fun at the ego of artists and poses questions about what gives meaning to life.

  • Cover 'Buck'
    Cover 'Buck'
    This is a truly major debut. ‘Buck’ is pretty terrific.

    In the beginning… there is Buck, the first man on earth. This absurd but very clever story of creation, full of acerbic wit, shows us a wonderfully anachronistic paradise filled with dazzling colours, in which Buck wanders like a blank page. The humour, the well-structured narrative and the awe-inspiring natural beauty make ‘Buck’ a very impressive debut indeed.

  • Cover 'Yasmina and the Potato Eaters'
    Cover 'Yasmina and the Potato Eaters'
    Yasmina and the Potato Eaters
    A feast for the eyes. Mannaert is one of the stars of the contemporary graphic novel

    Yasmina's father is struggling to make ends meet, but luckily Yasmina knows the right people and places so she can serve him a delicious meal every day. But one day an addictive type of potato appears on the market with rather strange consequences for those who eat them. When her father falls victim to this mystery as well Yasmina decides that enough is enough.

  • Cover 'Portrait of a Drunk'
    Cover 'Portrait of a Drunk'
    Portrait of a Drunk
    A brilliant, wry and funny debunking of the pirate genre
    Knack Focus

    Guy is a pirate. And a boozehound, a liar, a lazybones, a thief and a murderer. We follow his exploits as he staggers through life. This first collaboration between Olivier Schrauwen and French duo Ruppert & Mulot results in visual fireworks.

  • Cover 'Deathfix'
    Cover 'Deathfix'
    Hilarious and thrilling in equal measure

    Gus is a rising star in Russian football. As the trainer of Sporting Club Moscow he is having the perfect season and the Champions League trophy is within reach. But then the Chinese mafia gets involved and things get too hot for Gus. With 'Deathfix' Nix & Benus have created a crime story full of black humour.

  • Your Inner Dog
    Like an empathetic etcher Casaer goes in search of the canine side of human nature

    In 'Your Inner Dog' a man wearing a dog mask tells a series of different characters what kind of dog is inside them, and what that means, carefully analysing their flaws and innermost secrets. Casaer knows how to identify any sensitive issues, move the reader and even make them laugh out loud at times. A real gem that delves deep into the human psyche.

  • Cover Soap
    Cover Soap
    Barbie meets the Dynasty-vixens.
    De Morgen

    Glitter, glamour, love, jealousy, intrigue, tears and above all lots of pink: this is Maarten Vande Wiele at his best. His elegant, black brush strokes give playful expression to a world he clearly adores: that of 'Dynasty' and other vintage soap series.

  • Cover The Tramp
    Cover The Tramp
    The Drifter
    Maarten De Saeger confirms his status as a top talent.
    Cutting Edge

    In order to run away from her worries, Ines moves to her late grandfather’s farm in the Ardennes. One day a tramp appears on her doorstep who introduces himself as John. Ines offers him a bed for the night, but it soon becomes clear that the wandering eccentric is not in any great hurry to leave.

  • Cover Papa Zoglu
    Cover Papa Zoglu
    Papa Zoglu
    Masterfully composed by an enlightened illuminator
    Terres de legende

    A cross between a coming-of-age story and a social satire. This colourful, hilarious and tragic graphic novel is about identity and humanity, about not very intelligent design, about yesterday and tomorrow. With ‘Papa Zoglu’, Simon Spruyt has shown once again that he is one of the most ingenious and funniest comic-book creators in Flanders.

  • Cover Fantomia
    Cover Fantomia
    Groovy and colourful
    De Standaard

    Fantomia’ provides hours of viewing pleasure, with lots of silliness, creativity and visual spectacle. Reviewers have compared Dieter VDO to the likes of ATAK, Basil Wolverton and medieval painter Jeroen Bosch.

  • Cover Cordelia
    Cover Cordelia
    This comic book’s recognisability has a comforting effect that radiates a warm feeling of gratitude.

    Ilah portrays relationships between men and women in a way that says more than an exhaustive analysis. Her short comics are both candid and subtle, true-to-life and dramatically adapted, apparently nonchalant and virtuoso, modest and self-assured.

  • Cover About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    Cover About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    A veritable delight of a book
    Forbidden Planet

    When widower Anton breathes his last breath and goes looking for his wife Betty in the ‘thereafter’, nothing is quite as he expected. Jan Truyens’ debut is nothing less than an art project: an enormously rich book, with nods in the direction of the ‘Divina Commedia’.

  • Cover - Forty-four Years Later
    Cover - Forty-four Years Later
    Forty-four Years Later
    A true storyteller

    Following a stroke, Louis can no longer live at home with his wife. Before he has to leave for the care home, the whole family wants to give him one last unforgettable day. Michaël Olbrechts sketches a very convincing portrait of an average dysfunctional family.

  • Cover - My Funeral
    Cover - My Funeral
    My Funeral
    A graphic novel that truly gets under your skin
    Flanders Today

    Arnon, a guy who flitted from one romantic conquest to another before his death at a young age, looks back at his brief life. One by one, Maarten De Saeger tells the story of various people who played a role in his life. Gradually it all comes together to form a mosaic that does not present Arnon in the best light.

  • Cover - Kinky & Cosy
    Cover - Kinky & Cosy
    Kinky & Cosy
    Among the best comics of today’s market
    Rolling Stone

    The quirky little sisters Kinky and Cosy manage to wreak havoc with all their naivety and innocence. Three small panels – that’s all Nix needs for a daily dose of nonsensical and politically incorrect humour.

  • Cover - Abba Looking for Frida
    Cover - Abba Looking for Frida
    ABBA Looking for Frida
    Full of life, freshness, humour and colour
    France 3

    Anneleen, Bert, Bavo and Astrid form the Honey Honeys, an ABBA tribute band. As their success grows, their lives start to run increasingly in parallel with those of the original ABBA members, with all the associated drama. Maarten Vande Wiele’s unabashed love for ABBA leaps off the pages.

  • Cover Arsene Schrauwen
    Cover Arsene Schrauwen
    Arsène Schrauwen
    Every page reveals an eccentric and original cartooning mind at work.
    The Comics Journal

    Olivier Schrauwen’s grandfather Arsène leaves for the Belgian colony of Congo in 1947, where he and his cousin Roger have planned a hugely ambitious project: a utopia of modernism, right in the middle of the jungle. Sometimes funny, slightly surreal and often beautiful.

  • Cover Cowboy Henk L'Humour Vache
    Cover Cowboy Henk L'Humour Vache
    Cowboy Henk
    A monument of humour!
    Actua BD

    Blond quiff, jutting chin, self-confident grin and completely ignorant of any taboos – that’s him, the one and only Cowboy Henk! With their most popular hero, the illustrator Herr Seele and his writer Kamagurka have created a mixture of Mr Clean, Adonis and a hillbilly, entirely in the tradition of the Belgian Surrealists.

  • Cover - The Dickie Bible
    Cover - The Dickie Bible
    The Dickie Bible
    The design is soft and clear, the jokes are cynical and as hard as nails ****
    De Standaard

    Sometimes the culprit, sometimes the victim, Dickie always finds himself in awkward and embarrassing situations. The contrast that develops between the stylised drawings and the often coarse jokes creates a balance that is rarely found elsewhere.

  • Cover - Mad With Joy
    Cover - Mad With Joy
    Mad With Joy
    The best comic of 2014 ****
    De Standaard

    In a loose, fluid and sketch-like style, Joris Vermassen draws a story based around important themes: saying goodbye, things coming to an end, disappointment and grief. And yet ‘Mad with Joy’, like the statue of the same name, is an ode to life.

  • Cover - The Miracle of Vierves
    Cover - The Miracle of Vierves
    The Miracle of Vierves
    A stunning debut by an instant grande dame of the Belgian comic strip
    Cutting Edge

    The locals of Vierves-sur-Haynes practically worship the stag Gérard, who draws many tourists to the Ardennes village every year. When François accidentally runs Gérard over and kills him, the fat hits the fire. ‘The Miracle of Vierves’ proved Inne Haine’s credentials as a very talented teller of tragicomic tales. An extremely strong debut.

  • Cover Tomorrow Is Another Day
    Cover Tomorrow Is Another Day
    Tomorrow Is Another Day
    There’s a lot to laugh at in Schoofs’ world that has gone off the rails.

    You won’t soon find anything as acutely absurd as the work of Bart Schoofs. Never mind though: everything is possible and there’s always a solution to be found. Tomorrow is another day.

  • Cover - White Cube
    Cover - White Cube
    White Cube
    Stunning debut of a major new talent

    Vandenbroucke’s distinctive work blends the highbrow with the low, drawing equally from Gordon Matta-Clark’s site-specific artwork and the Three Stooges’ slapstick timing. With a knowing wink at the reader, Vandenbroucke continuously uncovers something to laugh about in the stuffiness and pretentiousness of the art world.

  • Cover Otto
    Cover Otto
    This sparkling, beautifully designed book is a real revelation.
    De Standaard

    This humorous and text-free story is extremely fast-paced. De Decker’s humour explores the boundaries of the (im)possible, but remains disarmingly innocent at the same time. Otto’s world is one of weird trains of thought and unexpected twists and turns. Its warm heart immediately draws the reader in.

  • Cover Tirol Inferno
    Cover Tirol Inferno
    Tirol Inferno
    A delightful piece to read and look at, with international allure
    De Morgen

    Verbeke and Verplancke offer a parody of the sovereign power of the artist in modern society. At a more abstract level, this story, taking place in the limited confines of a ski lift, is about an unsympathetic society that demands the artist to justify him- or herself. The result is a parable you will not easily forget.

  • Cover - Billy Bob
    Cover - Billy Bob
    Billy Bob
    A true master of humour

    In short sketches of usually just one strip, Billy Bob, a trainee cowboy, and Woody, his somewhat tougher friend, roam around the Wild West, doing what a cowboy should do: killing Indians. A hilarious and challenging comic for young readers.

  • Cover Mowgli's Mirror
    Cover Mowgli's Mirror
    Mowgli's Mirror
    A fantasmagoria without balloons in which a man sets out on a surreal quest in search of his animality
    Le Soir

    In this wordless tale, the young human boy Mowgli lives alone in the jungle. He soon feels lonely and goes in search of a soulmate. Mowgli’s quest is full of slapstick humour with bloody violence and elephant droppings, but also contains reflections on philosophical questions like individuality and complementarity.

  • Cover Murphy's Miserable Space Adventures
    Cover Murphy's Miserable Space Adventures
    Murphy’s Miserable Space Adventures
    Charming and full of promise

    Murphy is an anti-hero: an astronaut who continually has bad luck. In his miserable space adventures, Charlotte Dumortier is able to experiment fully with colour, framing and page division. The young artist pulls out all the stops. She lets fly with lay-out, rhythm and colouring.

  • Cover SGF
    Cover SGF
    Prepare your eyeballs for a visual tour de force!
    The Comic Journal

    ‘SGF’ is a comic about comics, it’s satire, it’s a Freudian manifestation of the It, it’s a load of nonsense, it’s a declaration of love for pulp culture, but above all, it’s rock & roll.

  • Cover - Bakamé
    Cover - Bakamé
    Bakamé’s Revenge
    In Janssen’s extravagant visual idiom, Africa is an intoxicating place.
    NRC Handelsblad

    This picaresque story about Bakamé and Mpyisi, which contains plenty of sex and black humour, is a perfect illustration of what drives people and can make them so unappealing. The hare’s cunning, lust and egocentrism are at the centre of this story, but other characters’ traits are also explored in depth. A satirical look at a world in which desire, violence and magic are inextricably entwined.

  • Cover Paris
    Cover Paris
    This is a no holds barred trash graphic novel.
    The Comics Journal

    Vande Wiele has illustrated a knowingly ridiculous yet loving portrayal of a world he clearly adores, bringing an elegant black line to the page as he pays tribute to the most superficial of the brilliantly superficial.

  • Cover plunk
    Cover plunk
    One of the best humorous artists in the country
    De Standaard

    A pink alien discovers the world without saying much. His sense of amazement creates ample opportunities for successful jokes. The enormously surreal situations from Letzer’s brain are taken to a very high level by Cromheecke’s clear and deadly efficient style.

  • Cover Hunker Bunker
    Cover Hunker Bunker
    Hunker Bunker
    Adventures that are very recognizable for anybody who has gone through babyhood
    Forbidden Planet International

    This comic book series is a contemporary, humorous stop-comic about a young couple and their girl twins. The neurotic father, quick-witted mother and two pig-headed children live in a pink bunker and drive a pink tank. But apart from their eccentric residence and means of transport, they lead a perfectly ‘normal’ life. At least they try.

  • Cover Esther Verkest
    Cover Esther Verkest
    Esther Verkest
    Humour of the highest class: often absurd and surrealistic, but always sharp
    De Standaard

    Esther Verkest is possibly the sexiest heroine in the Flemish comic book universe. Bad is too respectable a word for her, mean is an understatement. Kim Duchateau’s lewd heroine lives in an absurd world full of freaks, strange fairytale figures and capricious gnomes.