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The dark side of football


Nix & Benus

Gus is a Dutchman and a rising star in Russian football. As the trainer of Sporting Club Moscow he is having the perfect season and the Champions League trophy is within reach. The occasional bit of match fixing by the club chairmen is something he takes in his stride. But then the Chinese mafia gets involved and things get too hot for Gus.

The cleverly written dialogue sparkles. Gus is unforgettable.
Cutting Edge

With 'Deathfix' Nix & Benus have created a crime story full of black humour, bursting at the seams with hilarious stereotypes, yet surprising at every turn: in a marvellous plot twist, for instance, Gus turns out to be gay, which ends up costing him dearly in the world of football. The authors fashion a world of blackmail and bribery with their signature curved and fluid line and cheerful colours.

'Deathfix' was launched during the Football World Cup in the summer of 2018 as a so-called ‘webtoon’: a digital comic designed to be read on a smartphone, with a new sixty-panel instalment every week. Luckily it is now also available as a book, so we can rightly call it a page-turner.

Amusing and intelligently constructed
Hilarious and thrilling in equal measure