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The life of street urchins

Drarrie in the Night

Fikry El Azzouzi

In this novel Fikry El Azzouzi describes a group of young people who call themselves ‘Drarrie’ and populate the fringes of society. Ayoub hangs out with his friends in the street and chronicles their adventures in little notebooks. They are not the worst of the bunch but they do behave like little ruffians. Fouad, who is being sponsored by a rich white man to do body-building with banned substances, Maurice, half Belgian and half Ivorian, and Karim, who is actually called Kevin and is white, but feels more at home amongst the 'drarrie' as a Muslim. 

A book that the world really needs and has been waiting for
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They meet up to beat the boredom and armour themselves in their aversion of the society around them. The lads are, more than anything, themselves and have given up communicating with the world around them. Only one way seems open to them: the path of self-destruction.

What begins as an entertaining picaresque novel slowly turns into a chilling story of radicalisation when one of the boys decides to become a martyr…

With a deft pen and biting humour, El Azzouzi sketches a picture of a generation of young people who are looking for meaning and identity in our society. He opens up a world that is close at hand, but unfortunately unknown to many.

Anyone who wants to understand the radicalization of young people should read this book
An authentic voice, raw, full of humour, doubt and self-mockery