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Is this all there is?

Frozen Heart

Johan De Moor & Gilles Dal

‘Frozen Heart’ tells the story of a man in his forties. At first sight he has everything he needs to be happy: a really interesting job, a lovely family and nice friends. He lives the life that millions of others live. Yet he finds himself thinking more and more about death, about the meaning of the hollow existence he shares with others. He asks random customers in a supermarket whether they think of death too. The man is not really alive, but is driven by something outside himself. Nothing can delight him any longer. He gives himself a month to see what the 21st century and life have to offer him.

Just as Ensor tackled death by putting masks on it, De Moor also gives it its most colourful face.
De Standaard

The main character of ‘Frozen Heart’ is a tourist in life. Someone who wants to project the message that all is going well, but who, when it comes down to it, is actually losing himself more and more. The drawings of Johan De Moor and the text of Gilles Dal form an organic unit. De Moor’s illustrations breathe colour. His collage style recalls his earlier series ‘Kobe the Cow’ but the execution is more poetic. Dal’s dark, uncompromising text screams the despair of a mid-life crisis. The constantly thudding question is: is this all there is?

Will not leave any of its readers unmoved
Le Monde
A book for graphic connoisseurs
NBD Biblion