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Life in capital cities

Great European Novel

Koen Peeters

In ‘Great European Novel’ – a tongue-in-cheek reference to ‘The Great American Novel’ – Koen Peeters has found the perfect form for a book about Europe and the European idea that lies behind it.
The main character, Robin, young and ambitious, takes a tour of all the capital cities of Europe on behalf of his world-weary employer, looking for new marketing strategies for promotional gifts. During his trip, however, he spends more and more time compiling word lists, impressions and reports of conversations and meetings.
Peeters’ main characters reflect both the old continent’s weariness and its determination to live. This uncommonly rich and subtle novel has the finesse of an allegory.

A revelation. Reading a story like this makes you happy
Corriere della Sera

Peeters’ style has secured his extraordinary reputation in the world of Dutch-language literature. He writes inventive, efficient, succinctly comic prose, characterized by a restrained yet sparkling style interlaced with mild sarcasm and sincere empathy.
Peeters deals with themes such as identity, fame and mortality, and the attempts writers make to gain insight into nature and how it functions. With a typically Belgian absurdism, he brings together the most improbable subjects in his literary constructs.

A literary game of Monopoly that keeps you busy for days
De Morgen
Humour, subtle thoughts, impressive language and a clever construction
NRC Handelsblad