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A confrontational dialogue ending in a head-on collision


Jan Sobrie

Laurence is engaged in a heated phone call with her fiancé Yves when she is interrupted by the sudden arrival of her sister Sofie. It is the anniversary of their mother’s death. The sisters meet beside her grave and are almost immediately involved in a tense discussion, which reveals that there is unfinished business between the two. At first, they mostly bicker about trivial things, until slowly but surely the unspoken hurt surfaces. Clearly, neither woman has come to terms with their mother’s loss yet. That’s also why Sofie is not welcome at Laurence and Yves’s impending wedding. She has a habit of drinking too much, dredging up the past and causing a scene, something the couple would like to avoid on their big day.

The narrative arc is superb and the psychological complexity of the characters spot on. This is theatre at its best.

With recriminations flying back and forth and tensions escalating, the relationship between the two sisters is put to the test. ‘Head-on’ is a tragic story with comedic touches that allow playwright Jan Sobrie to keep things light-hearted as the conflict between the two sisters intensifies and culminates in a literal and figurative head-on collision with serious consequences.

Powerful text and compelling characters. Captivating throughout.
De Standaard