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A moral quagmire

Here We Go Again (White Male Privilege)

Annelies Verbeke

The editorial board of Cult Weekly magazine has called a crisis meeting. The image of a black woman on the cover of their latest issue has unleashed a social media storm. While illustrator Lesley, do-gooder Inge and their white male colleague Ton await a phone call from their big boss in the US, the discussion about their slip-up and artistic freedom becomes more and more heated, covering Lesley’s deprived childhood, Inge’s black boyfriend and the headscarf debate. As the characters lose themselves in their arguments and are increasingly at each other’s throats, the three highly educated, progressive colleagues are unmasked as opportunistic know-it-alls. How sincere or how arrogant and patronising is their social engagement really?

An intellectual mindfuck
De Morgen

‘Here We Go Again’ (White Male Privilege) is an intelligent and astute text full of humour which sees Annelies Verbeke stripping a topical debate down to its grotesque bones and producing a fine satire.

Cleverly structured, both thematically and performance wise: from barely acting to over-the-top and savage. I have rarely seen such a topical issue dissected in such a clever and comical way.
A text that addresses just about every prejudice and politically correct cliché; it is a complex tangle of racism, sexism and class difference.
De Volkskrant

Photo © Wunderbaum