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My daughter’s future


Anna Carlier

A pregnant woman fantasizes about the future life of her unborn daughter. One thing is certain: that future will be far from unproblematic. In all four of the future scenarios in ‘Hide’ it seems nature has demanded to have the world back. Sea levels are rising, the rain never stops, mud pours past, the earth is shrivelling. On board of a ship, hundreds of people are sailing towards their final hope, each with an emotional support animal. In another scenario they search the forests for deer to flay, so that they have deerskins to keep them warm.

In her poetic and elegiac script, Anna Carlier expresses a view of the world that is as warm-hearted as it is horrifying, from a highly original starting point.
Jury Toneelschrijfprijs

For people and nature in the post-apocalyptic era of ‘Hide’ it is no longer five minutes to midnight but hopelessly late. At the same time, the book is an affectionate letter from a mother to her child. Worried about her future and apologizing implicitly, she feels powerless and unknowing as she faces the world in which her daughter will grow up. The abstract and poetic ‘Hide’ invites us to think about a future in which humans are no longer at the controls.