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Adoption from the perspective of the biological mother

Little Story with a Heart

Pieter Gaudesaboos & Elvis Peeters

The ant’s heart has always beaten alone, but now she’s expecting a baby ant. The way ants always do, she works a lot, and very hard too. So hard in fact that she’s afraid she won’t be able to care for her child properly. She makes a choice that for her isn’t really a choice at all, and decides to give up her baby ant for adoption.

After the mother ant leaves her baby behind, she starts to imagine what her child’s life will be like in a different family, one with warmth and open arms. Years later she still often thinks of her child, and never stops missing it. She hopes one day she’ll find herself face to face with her little ant.

An incredibly vulnerable and intimate story that manages to convey the unconditional love of a mother for her child.

‘Little Story with a Heart’ is an unassuming and tender tale that gives a voice to birth mothers, who are rarely heard. The book is strikingly minimalist, with just a little text and a small illustration on each page. This makes the story beautifully multi-layered and gives a special intensity to the emotions. A book about the powerful bond between parent and child, about taking your distance, and about unconditional love. Guaranteed to give you goose bumps.

A beautifully made book that’s both poignant and plausible.
De Leestafel
Book Trailer 'Little Story with a Heart'