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Two time dimensions, one love

Man of the Moment

Hanco Kolk & Kim Duchateau

Rafael Fallstaf falls hopelessly in love with Sylvia. She, a woman in a wheelchair, lives in our own time, whereas he lives in a time dimension that moves so fast we seem to be standing still. People who live ten billion times faster look at us as tableaux in a museum. Rafael therefore falls in love with a woman who always remains seated in the same position. The result is a bizarre tragedy about an unrequited and disastrous love.

This is the comic book of tomorrow!

‘Man of the Moment’ is an ultramodern Romeo and Juliet that takes place in two different time dimensions. Dutch artist Hanco Kolk and Fleming Kim Duchateau each tackle one dimension. There is just enough friction between the two styles of drawing to maintain the tension. Kolk and Duchateau clearly enjoy playing with established clichés about time and space. After the devastating climax you have the disturbing feeling that in your own room there may be people who can see you even though you can’t see them.

Beautiful, delicate, different, original. A modest masterpiece
Cutting Edge