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Destabilising, crazy and brilliant take on universal questions

Me & You

Johan De Moor & Gilles Dal

Two years after Frozen Heart, with its baroque finale that culminated in a suicide, Johan De Moor and Gilles Dal are back. This time, their remarkable visual and mental world revolves around a couple on the brink of divorce. What is love? Is it still possible in this day and age to go through life as a couple? Does anyone still believe in life as a twosome? De Moor and Dal present us with their destabilising, crazy and brilliant take on those universal questions.

Bold and intelligent, both in its text and in the depiction of the little, everyday moments.

Why does it hurt to part ways? Can we not abandon the culture of breakups and heartache, as well as the illusions of paradise and hell? ‘That way we’ll stop getting all worked up about nothing,’ the authors argue. This book strips the reader of his illusions, leaving him with a wry smile.

Dal and De Moor could be described as the Laurel and Hardy of the ninth art. They are naughty like little boys and their pleasure in creation leaps off the page. And that has more than a little to do with the graphic tour de force of illustrator De Moor. Like no other, he manages to bring a multitude of styles and an explosion of colour together in an exuberant and multifaceted piece that deliberately unsettles the reader.

Let yourself be carried away by this whirlwind and magic will be your reward.
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