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An unexpected meeting between Vikings and an alien


Steven Dupré

In the illustrated epic ‘Midgard’, Vikings encounter aliens in two parallel storylines. ‘The Attack’ is medieval. It starts off with a group of Vikings plundering part of the Flemish coast-line. One of them, Snorri, is unintentionally left behind after the retreat of his fellow-plunderers. To survive, he has to accept a partnership with a local boy who’s also on the run.

Expertise in all facets of his craft
Bronze Adhemar Jury

On the flipside of the book, you simultaneously read a science-fiction story entitled ‘The Flight’. A young extra-terrestrial delinquent, Oon, is banned from his planet, serving his time aboard a giant spacecraft. After his escape and a hellish pursuit, he accidentally ends up on planet earth. Face to face with mankind, he will have to adjust himself to survive in a strange and hostile world. In the middle of the book, at the intersection of the two story lines, Oon suddenly comes into contact with the Vikings…

Steven Dupré is a craftsman: his assured, very natural drawing style is of the highest quality. In addition, as a scriptwriter the author has mastered the art of taking his readers with him to a parallel universe, by means of subtle, profound stories.

Dupré has a semi-realist graphic technique, which fits the story he is illustrating marvellously.
Steven Dupré has given his unbridled imagination free rein.