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A surreal journey through the jungle

Mowgli's Mirror

Olivier Schrauwen

In this wordless tale, the young human boy Mowgli lives alone in the jungle. He soon feels lonely and goes in search of a soulmate. When he befriends an orangutan, Mowgli thinks he has found his life’s companion. But even after a while, Mowgli is still wondering if there are any other creatures that might look like him. He sets out on a journey through the jungle, encountering all types of creatures and having numerous adventures. Mowgli’s quest is full of slapstick humour with bloody violence and elephant droppings, but also contains reflections on philosophical questions like individuality and complementarity.

A fantasmagoria without balloons in which a man sets out on a surreal quest in search of his animality
Le Soir

Like his earlier books, Arsène Schrauwen and The Man who Had Grew His Beard, the shorter ‘Mowgli’s Mirror’ is an example of Olivier Schrauwen’s mastery. With a very special palette of royal blue and orange the comic book author invites us into Mowgli’s jungle and at the same time into his own artistic universe full of surreal mystery and absurd humour. ‘Mowgli’s Mirror’ is an astonishing graphic novel without words. It may be small in size, but it is great in quality.

Although ‘Mowgli’s Mirror’ may seem Lilliputian, it has all the qualities of the best stories from Schrauwens’ previous great books.