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Such an unusual home – it’s every child’s dream!

My House Is at the Zoo

Pieter Gaudesaboos & Sylvia Vanden Heede

Lotta lives at the zoo. Every morning a giraffe wakes her up and she makes breakfast with two bears. Then she brushes her teeth, together with the crocodile. In his unique, varied and nostalgic style, Pieter Gaudesaboos gets Lotta to take the reader along for a day full of crazy activities, such as playing basketball with the monkeys and sliding down the elephant’s trunk into the mud pool. The snake helps Lotta to take a refreshing dip afterwards. Together with the flamingos, she goes to see the polar bear and they all have ice creams. She paints with the penguins, and the camel holds her plate of spaghetti. She reads a story to all the animals in the zoo, before falling asleep on the zebra’s coat.

The illustrations are works of art in their own right, on which there is so much to discover
Cutting Edge

This is not simply a colourful book for reading aloud, but also a look-and-find book to teach children to look more closely at the illustrations. Every page has a few ‘Can you see...?’ questions and there are also hidden animals to find: a snail with blue glasses, a spider with a flag, a worm with a blue umbrella, a black ant with a red balloon, and a blue beetle with pink stripes on its back.

This is the first part in a series about houses in special places where there are lots of animals.

Impressive skill
JaapLeest, on 'Wake up Walter'
Book Trailer 'My House Is at the Zoo'