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Mysterious and absurd

Night Animals

Brecht Evens

‘Night Animals’ contains two dreamlike, wordless stories that transform everyday experiences into fantastic journeys to strange new worlds. In the first story, a coming-of-age tale called ‘Bad Friends’, Evens envisions a young girl’s transition into womanhood. Rather than awkward conversations or metaphors about flowers, however, ‘Bad Friends’ intentionally evokes the imagery of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, but transforms it from a small boy’s power fantasy into a young woman’s realization of a very different sort of power — one that is exciting, sexual, and ultimately dangerous.

Fantastic. Evens' linework is wonderful... but his coloring is even better.

In the second story, ‘Blind Date’, we follow a man who dresses like a bunny for a date that ultimately never arrives, prompting him to take a lonely voyage down a toilet into a strange, underwater world. Brecht Evens' third album surprises with stories and images in which he continually seems to extend the limits of his capabilities.

Enthralling and gorgeous in a way not many other comics are
The Comics Journal
By far the best collection of naked parading monsters in the history of print
Paste Magazine