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What to think of opinions?

OPN. revise the opinion

BOG. collectie

With their first play ‘BOG. An attempt at restructuring life’ BOG.collectie tried to capture human existence in an extensive list of verbs. ‘MEN. De mening herzien’ (‘OPN. revise the opinion’) has the same musical and rhythmic character. Four performers invent and repeat a seemingly endless list of judgements, starting with trivial things but soon tapping into serious topics such as the European Union and paedophilia. It becomes clear that the performers give voice to many different opinions, even contradictory ones, on various topics. Moral boundaries are challenged and openly crossed, provoking the audience to agree or disagree with the statements that are being made.

Opinions become questions intended to gauge the atmosphere. Strong convictions give way to insecurities, leading the performers to go along with personal attacks and extreme opinions. Slowly but steadily the opinions give way to more open statements, even to reconsiderations of their earlier bold judgments.

A musical, intelligent and often funny play, ‘OPN.’ is an analysis of, an indictment of and an ode to opinions.

OPN. confirms BOG.’s budding but sound reputation as an unconventional collective that creates theatre out of a desire to capture the idiosyncracies of both man and life in a gutsy torrent of words that is musical, funny and philosophical in equal measure.
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