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Irresistibly absurd


Frodo De Decker

Otto is a friendly young man who ends up in the most impossible situations. He’s charming but naïve, as well as a bit helpless: he’s forced to undergo whatever his creative father comes up with. And so he lands on top of a whale and inside a zeppelin; he meets gnomes, gets into a fight with Martians and experiences Purgatory. Each story seems more absurd than the next, but they’re all highly entertaining. 

A terrific, surreal and compelling story
Cutting Edge

This humorous and text-free story by artist and writer Frodo De Decker is extremely fast-paced. De Decker’s humour explores the boundaries of the (im)possible, but remains disarmingly innocent at the same time. The small, visually strong drawings are full of surprising and sometimes enchanting jokes. And while the drawing style may be reminiscent of the tradition of the clear line, De Decker also takes it into an entirely different direction. Otto’s world is one of weird trains of thought and unexpected twists and turns. Its warm heart immediately draws the reader in.

De Decker keeps us spellbound throughout his wordless and extremely funny debut.