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Strange urban short stories

Paradise on Earth

Stijn Gisquière

The story of creation through the eyes of a baby. A philosophical reflection on love. A comparison of the attraction between people with the gravitating powers between heavenly bodies. In miniatures of three pages each, author Stijn Guisquière explores all corners of the human mind, even the less attractive ones. But however diverse the lives of his characters may be, there is one thing that unites them: they are all in search of love, security and a sense of meaning. In short: paradise on earth.

Short stories that live on in the reader’s head
De Morgen

In ‘Paradise on Earth’ Gisquière has collected a stimulating variety of short stories about little people in a not so little city. With a few very assured brushstrokes and a unique use of colour which adopts a different palette for each story, he succeeds in creating a sense of alienation while at the same time writing atmospheric, poetic stories.

Gisquière’s home town of Ghent runs like a thread through the book and is the mini-universe in which everything takes place. The author has also put hints to one short story in another one, thus humorously interweaving the various stories lines.

Gisquière has a unique style, can create an atmosphere and, moreover, has something to say.
Het Belang van Limburg
His charming stories exude an intimate, poetic atmosphere which is sometimes unexpectedly pessimistic.
De Standaard