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A bittersweet longing for more


Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers (Jacques&Lise)

This bittersweet picture book tells the story of Basiel, an enthusiastic pigeon fancier. He is so passionate about his hobby that he neglects all those around him and has eyes only for Pigeon. Basiel travels the world with Pigeon and wins everything there is to win. But as he wants more and more, Basiel sets his sights on something no pigeon has done before: he wants Pigeon to fly back home from the moon. As Basiel slowly loses all sense of direction, his pigeon can still find its way. But will Pigeon make it in time?

Strong compositions and fun visual details
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‘Pigeon’ is a charming book about letting go what’s dear to you, about always going back to where you came from, about the longing for more and the passing of time. The illustrations in a limited colour palette have a strong retro feel and are full of details that are far more revealing than the sober text. The flyleaves also boast a fun detail: when you connect the dots, you end up with two constellations: Basiel letting Pigeon go.

Pure art, down to the flyleaves
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