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It’s all about love

Poems for Happy People

Bart Moeyaert

The poetry collection ‘Poems for Happy People’ is not intended solely for happy people. Rather, the poems invite the reader to recognise happiness, aiming to prove that it is found in the little things.

In ‘Poems for Happy People’, happiness and love are inseparably linked. Love (in all its forms) emanates from every page. Young readers discover a love of reading for the first time, the lighthouse loves seeing people around its town, and the sea loves washing ashore (because, after every low tide, it always changes its mind and returns). As always, it all revolves around love: ‘After all, everyone knows that everything – everything – is about love’.

Moeyaert is at his most interesting when he allows himself to be driven by subject matter. It is then that he knows best how to disarm and move his readers in a fresh and elegant way
Cutting Edge

This poetry collection contains, among others, all poems composed by Bart Moeyaert from 26 January 2006 to 31 January 2008 when he was Antwerp’s poet laureate. During this time, poems of his regularly appeared in the streetscapes of Antwerp. His work can still be admired at the Flemish Opera and the Permeke library.